Vacaville Cracks Down on Roadside Memorials

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VACAVILLE -- The thought of this roadside memorial being taken down is too much to bare for Raymond Collazo, Sr.

"I come everyday to make sure...if there's something out of place, or um..." Collazo said, overcome with emotion and unable to finish his sentence.

It’s for his first grandson, Ricky Kirkpatrick.

The family built it for the 27-year-old -- complete with pictures, crosses, colorful bark and even a little bench.
His toddler daughter, Jaelynn, never got to meet her dad, but finds joy in being there.

"My son's first breath is embedded in my heart, just as much as his last," Ricky's mom, Tina Sisneros said.

Ricky died in a motorcycle accident here on this stretch of East Monte Vista Road.

"It's a way for me to show her just how loved her dad was and still is," said Nichole Weitz, Ricky's fiance.

But after two years, the city is putting up notices that 10 roadside memorials throughout town, including this one, will be dismantled because officials believe the structures pose a potential traffic hazard.

So, in its place, they're offering to sell greiving families a memorial sign for a hundred bucks, which will stay in place for one year, then eventually also come down.

"This isn't done without thought or compassion for the families. For the victims and their families. But by the same token, we have to protect our assets and our community as well," City Spokesman Mark Mazzaferro said.

"On the way here, I counted probably 10 different signs that are out on the sides of roads. Gold Coast homes, Kaybee homes. People running for Congress. Stuff like that, that are just signs," Ricky's dad Jason Sisneros said. "It's a way for us to keep him in our lives, personally. And for him to be a part of his family."

"All of that love in our hearts, just overflowed and that's the result of it. It's nothing but love," Tina Sisneros added.

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