Child Pornography Bust Leads to Arrest in New York

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VACAVILLE -- Vacaville police spearheaded a major child pornography bust, with victims nationwide.

Officers said it all started after a victim's parents approached them and now, two years later, they were able to arrest the suspect with the help of Homeland Security.

"The victim and his family came to the police department and reported some inappropriate Internet activity," said Sgt. Steve Carey, with Vacaville PD's Major Crimes Investigations.

Carey said a forensic investigation led them to 21-year-old Robert Garneau in Warwick, New York. Detectives discovered he used one of four screen names on Instagram, Kik Instant Messager and Skype to lure in his victims.

"Gained their trust and eventually requested inappropriate sexually suggestive photos, and then he said that  'I'm now going to report you to law enforcement and you're going to be arrested unless you send additional photos,'" Carey said.

In December 2014, Vacaville police identified Garneau as the main suspect, and handed their investigation over to Homeland Security. Federal investigators since identified two more victims in Texas and Florida. Carey said more victims could be out there.

"If someone sees that photo and recognizes him, having interaction with him on the internet recently or over a year ago. I encourage them to contact the Vacaville Police Department," Carey said.

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