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Stanislaus County Family Speaks About 11-Year-Old Cold Case; FBI Offers Reward

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TURLOCK -- Almost 11 years have passed since Ninoos “Nicky” Atoori was killed in Turlock. For his niece, revisiting her uncle’s murder reopens old wounds.

"We had a lot of good memories. He was like an older brother, like a young uncle,” Domarina Digaleh said.

Digaleh was just a teenager when her uncle was shot multiple times in the parking lot of a shuttered Chinese restaurant -- now home to Grizzly Rock Cafe. For the young woman, the quest has been the same since. She wants answers.

“My biggest thing is justice,” she said.

The FBI announced they’re looking for three men of interest that could help solve Atoori’s murder and are offering up to a $10,000 reward.

Investigators say a man who was about 6 feet tall was seen leaning over Atoori’s body and hopped on a black and orange Honda motorcycle. Two other men, possibly of Middle Eastern descent, were also seen just after the shooting. They left the parking lot in a white commercial van.

The FBI believes these two men may have been the same pair seen arguing with Atoori outside of Skewers restaurant in Modesto weeks before he was killed.

"I mean, if they know anything. You'd be surprised what that little piece of the puzzle can be, something that'll help them wrap something up,” Digaleh told FOX40.

For Digaleh, she and her family don’t talk about the murder much, but what they do speak about often is her uncle’s good-natured spirit and the hope that they’ll get the justice they’ve been working on for over a decade.

“He always found a way to leave that footstep in everybody's life, and it's not just 'cause he was my uncle," she said.

As for the FBI’s involvement, they said they help out with local cases often and provide resources that local agencies may not have. If you have any information about this case, please call (209) 543-3259 or your local FBI office.