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50-Year-Old Time Capsule Opened in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- An aged Stockton newspaper, black-and-white photos, even a cassette tape -- relics from the past all tucked away in a time capsule.

"Now, to be a part of that, 50 years later is ... it can be overwhelming,” Michael Minor, the director of the division of juvenile justice said.

In 1966, staff at the O.H. Close School for Boys placed 25 items away in a metal box.

On Thursday, 50 years later, current staff decided it was time to open the box. Finding it proved to be quite the task.

"It took awhile. They went through several different plans along with planned operations and they found it,” said Erin Brock, the superintendent of the Northern California Youth Correctional Center.

Eventually the time capsule was found in a wall and was filled with memories of the past.

An autographed photo of then Governor Pat Brown was in the capsule.

“Governor Brown’s father was here for the grand opening, back then it was O.H. Close School for Boys,” Brock said.

A newspaper illustrating the State of Stockton at the time, with the headline, "Stockton Guard on Duty…" and a picture of the first group of kids to go through the youth justice system in Stockton were also in the capsule.

“It’s a tremendous feeling. We’re really excited. I mean to be able to be a part of this historic event, open the time capsule which was put there 50 years ago,” Minor said.

Along with honoring their past, staff at what’s now called the Northern California Youth Correctional Center looked to the future and created a new time capsule.

They set aside newspaper articles from Thursday that read "Trump Brushes Off GOP Critics" and even a brochure advertising the celebration.

"Fifty years from now we’re going to leave a letter, and 50 years from now then they’ll open it up hopefully and have another celebration,” Brock said.

A glimpse of life in 2016 to be opened in 2066.