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Police Warn Neighbors About High-Risk Sex Offender Living in Fairfield

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FAIRFIELD -- Juarez Demetris was convicted once in 1977 and again in 1996 for lewd and lascivious acts with a child. He's spent decades behind bars and was finally released last week.

Per Megan's Law, the Fairfield Police Department wants residents to know this man, who is registered as a high-risk sex offender, is now calling Fairfield his home.

Fairfield police said they recently learned the 79-year-old was living at a motel on the 2100 block of North Texas Street.

Demetris has been classified as a high-risk sex offender by the Department of Justice. They said he has a high risk of re-offending and poses a greater danger to the public.

"People need to be made aware of it. It's very scary for families," said resident Phillip Rodriguez.

The Fairfield Police Department usually goes door to door to let people know about a sex offender moving into their neighborhood, but they said this situation was different.

"Based on this location, it's more businesses than residential, we thought we'd be able to get out the message out to more people by putting it on Facebook," said Det. Kathryn McCormick with the Fairfield Police Department.

The city of Fairfield isn't a stranger to high-risk sex offenders. In 2015, sexually violent predator Fraisure Smith tried to move to two different locations in the city. Residents fought hard to keep him out and ultimately won.

As for Demetris, he is under supervised parole. He's required to register as a sex offender with the Fairfield Police Department every year around his birthday.

Motel employees tell FOX40 Demetris paid to stay at the motel on North Texas Street for 21 days. If he leaves after that time he's required to register his new address with the Fairfield PD.