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Renowned Local Artist Inspires Rocklin Students Through His Work

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ROCKLIN -- Students at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy are getting a lesson of a lifetime from a professional world-renowned artist.

"They have been having so much fun. They are learning a lot about color theory, a lot about working in the art field," visual art teacher, Juliette Monaco said.

It's a lesson outside of the classroom, outside the box. It's a lesson 13-year-old Brooke Martinez said is unlike any other.

"I really like him as an artist, and I really like the colors of the painting," Brooke said.

She is talking about Jose Di Gregorio, an artist based in midtown Sacramento.

He travels around the world, showcasing his contemporary art work. But in the few weeks he has between two international projects, he is giving a special lesson to aspiring artists at the Rocklin charter school.

The Parent Association funded the project to be done.

"When I came, I just saw the duct tape, and I didn't see anything underneath it. So it was cool to see 'Oh hey, there are colors underneath there,'" senior, Sophie Kelley said.

This celestial landscape was created by paint and spray paint. It will become a giant mural that will be the centerpiece of the campus.

"Being that I have two daughters myself Olivia and Alma, making art isn't a mystery to them. They see me doing it all the time. And I think getting to meet a working artist, and seeing that this is what I do full time is something that they can consider themselves," Jose Di Gregorio said.

The students said the mural should be completed by next Tuesday.