Blackbirds Send Placerville Residents Running for Cover

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PLACERVILLE -- The sound of birds chirping is supposed to be relaxing, but these days there's a song of sixpence echoing through the streets of Placerville.

It's one that has walkers wishing the local "four and 20 blackbirds" were actually baked into that nursery rhyme pie and not free to roam.

"There was someone coming into work and she ducked like this, and it swooped down like this and he came around got her from behind," said Mallory Hartshorn.

"People would be like, covering themselves. They chased one guy into that gas station," described Kaitlyn Weber.

"Just kind of swoop down at you and try to attack you, I think they have babies around. I can see their shadows," said Hartshorn, ducking her head as she looked around for a dive-bombing bird.

"Try not to get hurt, I kinda swing my purse around and they kinda fly away then, kinda scary, like, the birds ... anything on me I will kind of use as a weapon to save myself from being attacked," said Weber.

Self-preservation is the order of the day at the corner of Main and Pacific as blackbirds seem to be protecting nests in the light poles and hedges near Mel's Diner and the Jack Russell Brewery.

"I have my waitress book out just swatting at 'em as I'm coming through the intersection," said Hartshorn.

"It's definitely scary, reminds me of that movie 'The Birds.'"

Nothing quite Tippi Hendren-like being endured this far from Bodega Bay, but an amateur Hitchock captured some attack missions on cell phone video.

While FOX40's cameras rolled in the area, one man couldn't get into his car fast enough after dinner before the birds were right on top of him.

No one's been hurt, but everyone has something to say about the birds.

"It's just freaky...get you in the head...yick," said Laurie Anderson.

And when FOX40 reporter Sonseeahray Tonsall tried to walk near the hedge that may be doubling as a nursery for baby blackbirds, they came after her and then again under the light pole at the corner the angry birds have under surveillance.

Weber has reported the situation to California Fish and Wildlife but hasn't heard anything back.

FOX40 is still waiting for a response from that agency as well.