Future of TBD Fest 2016 Unknown

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- At a time when our region is growing, a popular music and art festival has brought 30,000 people and big name musicians to West Sacramento.

"It's definitely something pretty unique to this West Sac area," said John Fong, who attended TBD Fest in 2014.

Last year, as the event was starting, TBD co-founder Michael Hargis was optimistic about the brand he helped create.

"The future is TBD," Hargis said.

But now, it seems whether or not the festival will return to the Bridge District for a third year is truly TBD -- to be determined.

The City of West Sacramento says organizers have yet to contact them and time is running out.

"Like any event, TBD would need to meet the requirements of our special event policy, which for a festival of this magnitude takes a minimum of four to six months to review and process," said Paul Hosley with the City of West Sacramento.

Some hope the event returns.

"It would definitely be a loss. Hopefully they can find a different venue that meets their needs and whatever challenges they have," Fong said.

Others are relieved.

"I don't really mind because I live, like, right next door. We get a lot of people, and it's just unnecessary I think," said Danny Bravo.

On top of complaints about crowds and noise, last year one of the festival's financial backers filed a lawsuit against co-founder Clay Nutting for breach of contract and fraud.

Plus, a caterer for the 2014 event claims she was never paid for her services.

TBD Fest spokesperson Patrick Harbison tells FOX40 organizers are working to bring on a new festival manager.

"Organizers do however feel optimistic that they will be moving forward in some capacity, with an intention to resolve outstanding issues, and to create an event the city can be proud of and excited about," Harbison said.

As the festival attempts to move forward, whether or not it will come back bigger, for a third year, is definitely TBD.