Neighbors Concerned by Hate-Filled Messages Hanging in Front of Carmichael Home

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CARMICHAEL -- "Hope and pray all illegals die today." That's just one of the hate-filled messages blowing in the breeze on a clothesline on the front lawn of one Carmichael home.

"All illegals are [racial slur] and thieves." Another thought shared by a woman through what she's posted on her lawn.

Over months, some of those thoughts have been captured in pictures by fed-up neighbors, others have been taken down by them.

"Not in her right mind to be writing stuff like that about illegals. She's got a lot of hate," said Allen Knutti.

Knutti was not afraid to speak out about what he's seen on his court.

Others expressed their dismay off-camera, unwilling to incur the wrath of the woman living a few doors away -- someone they say also shouts body-shaming taunts at overweight people walking their dogs.

One man who's lived on the court for 20 years, would only speak out about the woman who's lived nearby for one year through his screen door.

"She's entitled to her opinion. I have nothing wrong with that. I'm a veteran. I fought for the right for her to have whatever opinion she wants. Uh, it's just when it's exposed like that, and my 11-year-old granddaughter comes home and tells me the curse words that are on there. I don't think it's appropriate," he said.

One family has already moved from the area because of the messages, and neighbors say the poster's landlord has started eviction proceedings.

There was a light on inside and an SUV in the driveway, but no one came to the door of the duplex linked to the lawn littered with intolerance.

With the help of records from the DMV, FOX40 contacted the registered owner of the SUV there, but received no response.

So for now,  messages will have to speak for themselves, including  a presidential endorsement for Donald Trump.

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