Sacramento Area Students Aim for World Record for Running in Place

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- Students from Sacramento area schools gathered at Raley Field in West Sacramento, hoping to set the world record for the largest group of people running in place for 2 minutes. There were 2,301 of them, to be exact.

"Nervous and exciting, but when you put it together, it's just amazing," Lucas Franco, 7, said.

It's part of a special program organized by the River Cats and the California Department of Public Health, to combat a sad statistic.

"One out of every four children in California is obese," Dr. Karen Smith, Director of the CA Department of Public Health said

Dr. Smith said teaching healthy habits is easier to do at an early age.

"You don't have to change your whole diet or your entire lifestyle. There are just simple things you can do small changes add up, and you can become much healthier," Dr. Smith said.

One of the easiest ways to make that change is to ditch the soda. Instead, drink some water.

Second, get moving. Even if it's just for a few minutes.

Zach Barrick, 7, said he has that covered. He plays in a youth baseball league.

"I usually play first basemen a lot and catcher," Barrick said.

Lastly,don't forget your greens. Barrick said his favorite vegetable is broccoli. It just to happens to be the same for Dr. Smith.

"You can eat it raw, cooked, plain, or with cheese. It's a great vegetable," Dr. Smith said.

By focusing on those three simple steps, perhaps California can also make history.

"We're hoping we will be the healthiest state in the nation. If anyone can do it, California can do it," Dr. Smith said.

The group is submitting their final numbers and video to the Guinness. They will be notified if they beat the record.

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