Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Agrees to Pay $150K in Excessive Force Lawsuit

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SACRAMENTO — A year-old excessive force lawsuit against the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is resolved.

Rocklin resident Mickey Donohue sued after his arrest in September 2014 was caught on dashcam.

The deputy could be seen beating Donohue with a flashlight.

The settlement awarded $150,000 to Donohue but includes the stipulation that neither side admits fault or wrongdoing.

The deputies who responded that day were exonerated, according to civil rights attorney Mark Merin, who represented Donohue.

“The video doesn’t lie. And when you put an officer’s testimony up against a victim, more likely than not the officer’s going to be given an undue amount of preference. His testimony will be given more weight and likely accepted if it’s just a question of whom to believe. But the video levels the playing field,” Merin said.

The sheriff’s department had this to say:

“We reached an out of court settlement where both parties agreed to the terms. It includes no admission of liability between the county and the plaintiff. The plaintiff’s attorney still has to file dismissal of charges paperwork.”

Merin said that paperwork has to be filed by the sheriff’s department.

Donohue had just been released from prison when the arrest happened.

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