Stolen Tricycle Returned to Sacramento Teen with Special Needs

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SACRAMENTO -- By design, every bike ride comes full circle, but one taken Wednesday afternoon in Sacramento ... more than most.

For the first time, Angel Miles got to peek at and pedal the generosity of a stranger.

A trike for kids with special needs, in Angel's case autism, was donated to him with a full kit for tricking it out after someone swiped his locked, custom trike from his apartment patio last Thursday in Sacramento.

"Happy," the 13-year-old shouted when his mom, Falon, asked him how he felt on his new trike.

"I mean it seems like all the news you always hear is always bad. So it's really nice that somebody, really a complete stranger, has stepped up and also the people at City Bicycle Works helped as well," said Jess Polakoff, a representative from the bike store.

After several days of the story making the rounds on FOX40, Facebook and Reddit, Falon can't believe someone would be so kind.

"It makes me feel so good, and I, like, made sure I put on, like, waterproof mascara today, and I cried a little bit already," she said.

And she'd have an even bigger reason to try to hold back the happy tears as the afternoon wore on.

FOX40 was able to connect Falon and Angel with a woman who thought she might have unwittingly bought Angel's stolen bike from a clean-cut young man at the corner of 11th and C streets.

"Angel... that's your bike," mom exclaimed, seeing the old trike in the woman's apartment lobby.

"Thank you," Angel shouted through a huge smile.

The woman who bought the trike and returned it wanted to remain anonymous.

She's letting her actions speak for themselves, also offering mom Falon a bike since hers was stolen along with Angel's.

Our good Samaritan has kept a blue and white seven-speed in storage for about five years, unable to ride a two-wheeler since undergoing hip replacement surgery.

"It's amazing," said Falon Miles, thinking over all her family had been blessed with in one afternoon.

And soon, it was like Angel and his first trike were never apart.

The young man who sold Angel's stolen trike called someone he said was his mom from the good Samaritan's cell phone during the transaction.

Those details and his description have been forwarded to Sacramento police.

The trike was discovered missing last Thursday around 6 a.m. The sale happened about 11 hours later.

While it was gone, Angel's original trike had been stripped of its LED lights, chain guard, sprockets and other sci-fi detailing Falon had added.

She intends to slowly restore it to its original condition.

She also plans to help buy a trike for the good Samaritan who returned the one stolen from Angel, so they can all take a ride together.

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