Clinton, Sanders Neck and Neck in California Ahead of Primary

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SACRAMENTO -- A new survey from the Public Policy Institute of California shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by just 2 percentage points.

The survey polled Democrats and Independents who plan to vote in the primary.

Hillary got 46 percent and Sanders got 44 percent.

Clinton’s Sacramento campaign office has been open for less than two weeks.

"We're just excited. We're excited to be here on the ground in Sacramento. Reception has been incredible,” said field organizer Justin Loustau.

Loustau believes in Clinton.

"She's a fighter, she is tested time and time again,” said Loustau.

He believes she will make history.

"I grew up with a single mom in SF and really would love to see the first female president,” Loustau said.

The local Clinton campaign is focused on mobilizing voters ahead of the June 7 primary.

"We’re confident in California but we know we have to work for it so we are out here every day single day organizing,” Loustau said.

They’re battling Bernie Sanders, who’s giving Clinton a run for her money in the Golden State.

Sanders has a team of dedicated volunteers in Sacramento.

"It’s about time we make a change to the better," said Jawad Bangash.

Bangash lives in New York.

He dropped everything to work here.

"I was working for different startup companies and stuff like that, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create change," Bangash said.

Bangash say Sanders’ message is resonating with voters.

"People are listening They're tired of the establishment politics, they're tired of the same system,” Bangash said.

With recent polls putting Sanders just 2 percentage points behind Clinton in California, both campaigns are in for a long couple of days until every vote is cast.

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