Garage Door Smash-Ins Baffle Police

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento burglary detectives have their hands full trying to figure out why suspected burglars were using a vehicle to smash in the garage doors of victims.

"It's crazy, just crazy," said Beatrice Bythwood.

The garage door of her 79th Street house in southeast Sacramento was knocked to the floor of the garage at 3 a.m. Wednesday. She said there was nothing of value in the garage, and that the culprits sped away without taking anything.

"It scared us, it shocked us, at 3 in the morning you don't realize..." said Blythwood.

"All the information we have right now is that a black, small vehicle was involved in the collision of these garage doors and multiple subjects were in that vehicle," said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein of the Sacrament Police Department.

A couple of miles away on Sumo Court another garage door was run into. In both cases the culprits left without taking anything.

Two other break-ins of homes within a two-hour span may be connected.

A few blocks from Bythwood's house, police responded to a ringing burglar alarm and found a front door open. Near Logan Street and Lemon Hill Avenue four suspects seen entering a garage were interrupted and ran. One used a small Honda sedan to ram the the car of the citizen who chased them away. All the suspects got away.

Police indicated that marijuana grows might have been the targets, and that Bythwood's home might have been a case of mistaken identity.

At least one of the homes that was broken into was vacant, and police detectives are still working on a motive for the break-ins.

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