Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Busy Travel Season

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SACRAMENTO -- Whether you're going on that island getaway or the family reunion this weekend, there are many things you need to remember when you're going on that trip.

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the busy summer travel season, and millions of people are taking advantage to get away.

Ten-year-old Anna Kubrak and her family prepared early to make sure her long trip to Belarus goes without a hitch.

"It took about a month to pack the bags and get everything," Kubrak said.

Sacramento International Airport officials said they are seeing a 6 percent increase in passenger traffic now, compared to the same time last year. With that combined with road construction, and TSA cutbacks, they are advising travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance.

They said many people underestimate how long it takes to get through security. Some travelers said don’t be that guy who holds up the line for everyone.

"Don't do belts, don't do heavy necklaces, shoes -- easy slip on and slip off,” Lorrain Kress, who is traveling from Sacramento to Iowa, said.

Onto the roads, AAA estimated there will be a 34 million holiday drivers this Memorial Day weekend.

Lori Grudzinski and her kids drove from Pennsylvania to move their oldest daughter to Travis Airforce base. They took advantage of low gas prices. In fact, AAA said we are seeing the lowest Memorial Day gas prices since 2005.

"It was $2.03 in a couple of the states. And we're up closer to $3 here. So that was a big difference. But we saved a lot of money driving anyways, and it was more fun,” Grudzinski said.

With that extra cash, they decided to add a little layover before getting home.

"Not many people can drive 2,800 miles without killing each other but I'm really excited for Vegas because I love site seeing,” younger daughter, Garbielle Grudzinski said.

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