Body of Missing Baby Kaylee Jackson Found

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WALNUT GROVE -- The search for a missing Sacramento father and his baby has come to a devastating end.

The body of baby Kaylee was recovered Sunday afternoon about one mile north of Tyler Island Bridge in the Georgiana Slough. This comes just one day after Kaylee's dad Kyler Jackson's body was found in the same waters.

"I can not breathe right because I found my baby yesterday. He's 23 years old, but he's my baby, I gave birth to him," said Karla Jackson about her son Kyler.

The family of the victims share their frustration in search efforts by the multiple agencies involved.

"There's a lot that could've been done before this end result," said Karla Jackson.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said a search wasn't launched in the river until reports came in about a body found Saturday because there just wasn't enough information.

"If we had information earlier that there was a car that went into the river we would have responded immediately but we had no indication of that we had no witnesses," Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Tony Turnbull said.

Why the victims ended up in the water is still a mystery to investigators. While many questions still haunt the family they said they have a little bit of closure.

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Kyler and his 1-year-old daughter went missing earlier this week after, family say, they left from Antioch headed for Sacramento and weren't heard from after. The family says the dad and daughter would've have taken Highway 160, a notorious stretch of road that runs along the delta to Sacramento.

Just before 7 p.m., the sheriff's department marine detail and DART team members found the victim's car in about 18 feet of water. The vehicle was found near the confluence of the Sacramento River and Georgiana Slough.

The sheriff's department is working to remove the vehicle from the water.