Woodland Police K9 Recovering After Surgery

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WOODLAND — A Woodland police K9 that was struck by a car early Saturday morning was photographed awake and alert on Sunday.

According to police, service dog Peydro and his human partner tried to stop a man suspected of parole violation shortly after midnight near Cleveland Street and North Street. The man, later identified as Marco Hernandez, ran.

As the dog and the officer chased the man across Walnut Street, a car hit Peydro.

The driver of the car stopped and was cooperative with officers, according to police. Investigators say the driver is not expected to be charged with anything.

Peydro was taken to the UC Davis veterinary hospital, where he underwent a successful surgery. The surgery included spinal realignment and spinal cord decompression. He had several of his teeth removed and the fractures in his face and muzzle were surgically repaired. He also had a blood transfusion because of the excessive blood loss.

Peydro woke up from his surgery with sensory and motor function in his rear legs and even wagged his tail. He has eaten some food and was moved out of the ICU.

 Peydro is not allowed any visitors right now because the doctors don’t want to disturb his spinal repair. The bond between Peydro and his Officer Juan Barrera is so strong that even the sound of Juan’s voice is enough to excite Peydro.

Those who wish to donate toward the dog’s medical expenses can do so here.