Outrage Grows as Battle with Squatter in Fair Oaks Continues

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FAIR OAKS -- In a quiet neighborhood in Fair Oaks, a community's outrage is growing.

"It’s quiet here, it’s beautiful here, it’s old oak trees, and you just feel kind of peaceful," said longtime resident Jennifer.

FOX40 has agreed not to disclose Jennifer's last name for her protection.

The peaceful neighborhood has been shaken. Jennifer says her mother lives down the street from an alleged squatter.

You may recall Sandra Forbes. In April, Forbes says a woman broke into her vacant home, and moved in without her permission.

Since then, she’s found herself in a complicated legal battle.

Raised in Fair Oaks since grade school, Jennifer said she loves this community, but she said it’s being taken advantage of by one woman.

"Apparently this woman has a record, she is known," said Jennifer.

According to court documents filed in the Superior Court of Sacramento on May 25, Victoria Gregersen has been served with an unlawful detainer lawsuit in connection to the home that Sandra Forbes owns.

Gregersen says she moved into the home after responding to a Craigslist ad. She says she has a lease and initially paid money to move in.

FOX40 reached out to Gregersen on Thursday, knocked on her door and called her, with no response.

FOX40 has spoken with Forbes in the past. She has since been advised not to comment after Gregersen filed a restraining order against her.

After feeling as though no one could help her, Forbes created a petition on change.org hoping to garner the attention of lawmakers, but that petition was losing steam.

That's where Jennifer comes into play.

"I wasn’t expecting the tremendous response that it got," said Jennifer.

She found Forbes' petition and said she wanted to help.

"They call it civil, but to me it’s criminal. You steal a house right out from under a homeowner, a rightful diligent homeowner?" said Jennifer.

Astounded by the lack of rights for homeowners when it comes to evicting squatters, she posted Forbes’ petition to a community Facebook group.

"Overnight it went from about 145 signatures to over 400," Jennifer said.

It’s a response she says she can hardly believe.

"This is very broken, this is very bad and this can affect anybody," said Jennifer. "What a vile, awful situation to find yourself in."

While the Forbes family works to have Gregersen legally evicted from their home, Jennifer wants to ensure no one else goes through this nightmare.

"When you buy your home, typically you are achieving a dream that you've had, and to have somebody come in and take it from you, by breaking in and blocking you, filing restraining orders and twisting the law, it’s just ugly," Jennifer said.

The end goal is capturing the attention of California lawmakers, with the hope that homeowners will someday have more rights in what many call an unfair battle.

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