Local Family Opens Lemonade Stand to Raise Awareness for Pediatric Cancer

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SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento boy who was once diagnosed with a rare form of cancer is now taking a stand. The Smith family hosted a lemonade stand on Saturday to raise cancer awareness.

It’s a welcome sign on a hot Sacramento day, a cup of ice cold lemonade which the Smith family hopes does more than quench people’s thirst.

"Part of it is raising money for pediatric cancer, part of it is no one talks about it,” Aaron Smith said.

Smith and his family offered free lemonade on Saturday. Folks were encouraged to donate money toward pediatric cancer. A topic that hits close to the heart for the Smith’s.

His son, 4-year-old Dominic, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was just 16 months old. In-and-out of hospitals for much of his life he is now cancer free and is now taking a stand against the disease.

"We’re hoping things are normal, he seems to be a normal kid at the moment but… we don’t know,” Smith said.

Thirty-six families including the Smiths participated in lemonade day. They’re raising awareness as well as money with a glass of lemonade.

Families nationwide were elated by Alex’s Lemonade Foundation, which aims to spread awareness about the ongoing cancer fight.

“We have been doing some awareness work and some fundraising trying to make childhood cancer sort of more in the forefront,” Smith told FOX40.

While Dominic has been playing and laughing like any other kid, his father said there’s still a 30-percent chance his cancer will come back.

"Scary part is if his cancer comes back because there’s such little research done… ends up with less than a 20 percent of survival at that point,” Smith explained.

That’s why they continue to raise awareness with fundraisers like these.

According to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Organization, the 36 families represent how many kids are diagnosed with cancer each day in the U.S.