FBI Offers $2,500 Reward in Modesto Planned Parenthood Arson Case

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MODESTO -- The Planned Parenthood center in Modesto was torched back on May 25. The mystery as to who did it still stands. But with a new $2,500 reward from the FBI, officials with the organization hope they get some answers.

“We are very appreciative of the work that the FBI has done,” said Liz Figueroa, a spokesperson with Planned Parenthood.

Some of the fire damage included a melted chair, shattered glass and a charred entrance after the FBI said a suspected arsonist threw a lit device into one of the glass windows about 3 a.m.

Fire investigators said the flames were small but the water damage from the building's automatic sprinkler system forced the center to close their doors for days.

“About a third of our facility had water damage,” Figueroa said.

Across the nation, Planned Parenthood has been criticized for providing abortion services. But on June 5, when the Modesto center reopened their doors, dozens held vigils to support the organization that also offers general health services for hundreds of Stanislaus County patients.

“Very diligent, very professional staff that got us up and running very quickly,” Figueroa said.

The organization said while they get ongoing suspicious phone calls, they haven't had any threats lately, but their staff will always be prepared.

“We're always aware, always cautious,” Figueroa said.

FOX40 also spoke with the supervisor with the Stanislaus Regional Fire Investigation Unit, he said that they can't release any developments about this arson case at this point.

If you have any information about this suspicious fire please call the FBI.

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