Bay Area Sex Scandal Expands to San Joaquin County

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A Bay Area sex scandal has expanded to San Joaquin County.

The Defense Logistics Agency, a U.S. military organization, confirmed they are investigating a possible sexual relationship between one of their officers and a teenage sex worker, they did not however confirm the name of the alleged officer involved.

The 18-year-old woman, who goes by the name Celeste Guap, told FOX40 Officer William K. Johnson with the DLA contacted her through Instagram, and said they only had sex one time in May of this year.

Guap has said in reports that she had sex with a number of Oakland Police Department officers, some before she was 18. Now, she claims she had sex with Officer Johnson, as well.

Guap told FOX40, "He hit me up after this news [expletive] broke. And we hooked up that same day probably a month ago. That was the first and last time, and he wants to again, but I don't text him back."

"He knew I was a hooker," she added.

Just five years ago, Johnson was featured in the Tracy Press, the newspaper article said he helped a kidnapping and rape victim.

"But if you have police officers engaged in sex with a person that age, I would consider that to be sexual exploitation," said John Myers, a law professor with the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law.

Myers works with underage victims of sexual abuse.

"The fact that this person has the label 'sex worker' doesn’t mean that she’s not a victim," Myers said.

He added if the allegations are true, "While on the job, or not, engaged in essentially prostitution or exploitation, that’s the end of the their career and it may mean jail time."

Guap defended the officers she allegedly had sex with by saying, "Just because I sleep with a cop doesn't make him bad, tho (sic)."

FOX40 asked the DLA when they launched their investigation. They have not released that information.

FOX40 also asked the teen if Johnson paid her for sex. She has not replied.

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