Pond Renovations at McKinley, William Land Parks Will Put Dozens of Turtles Up for Adoption

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SACRAMENTO -- The city is getting ready to renovate ponds at William Land Park and McKinley Park, putting dozens of turtles up for adoption.

The work is scheduled to start in two weeks, but renovations on McKinley Park's pond might get pushed back.

The long-awaited renovations at McKinley Park's pond may be delayed due to concerns about wildlife.

"It definitely needs to be cleaned and preserved.  It's beautiful though, we enjoy it a lot," said East Sacramento resident Dawn Jarboe.

The city of Sacramento was slated to start draining and cleaning the pond on July 5 and put the dozens of turtles that call the pond home up for adoption.


Councilman Jeff Harris said more than 100 people have already called his office because they're interested in taking a turtle home. But now they may have to wait even longer.

Judy McClaver is a wildlife advocate. She worries that if the pond is drained now, the ducklings and goslings will suffer because they can't thrive outside of water yet.

"If there is no water here then that means they're subject to predators, they will become ill and most likely they will die," McClaver said.

Now McClaver is trying to get community members to join her in sending a letter to city leaders, trying to convince them to wait two months to drain the pond.

Harris said the city is planning to bring in a wildlife biologist to make sure renovations don't come at the expense of the animals. If that means delaying the work, he says that's what they'll do.

Harris said he's meeting with the city parks director Tuesday morning to discuss the timing of the project.

Anyone interested in adopting a turtle can call Harris' office at (916) 808-7003.

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