Unexpected Surprise in Treat Makes Student Ill

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RANCHO CORDOVA -- A local teen was sent home sick from school after reportedly being given a drug laced snack from a classmate.  That girl’s mother says the young woman is physically ill, emotionally exhausted, and scared about being retaliated against for coming forward.

Her mother says she knows that is a risk, but felt it was only right to make sure all other parents were aware of what happened so they be aware of the risks to their own kids.

Melissia Islas’ day had started out like any other, until she was contacted by her daughter’s school.

At 11:50 got I a call from her teacher saying Iris is sick she’s vomiting, very nauseous, not able to stand up," said Islas.

Islas drove to Cordova High School to find 16-year-old Iris waiting outside.

"She had two friends holding her up. She was exhausted lethargic, her skin was pale, it shocked me really,” the Rancho Cordova woman recalled.

On the ride home, Iris came clean, telling her mom that she’d accepted baked good from a classmate, a Rice Krispy treat she says she was later told contained illegal drugs.

“I asked her are you the only one? and she said, no there were a lot of kids around her desk eating, sharing rice Krispy treats with fruity pebbles, Islas told FOX40.

She says she took her concerns to the Cordova High Summer School Principal, Jonathan Johnson.

I asked if police would be involved, he said hypothetically in these situations police could be involved, but it depends on what they find,” said Islas.

She said Johnson told her marijuana was added to the Rice Krispies.  However, she was not reassured that the school was taking the issue seriously or viewed her daughter as a victim.

“The comment he made to me was ‘at this point anyone could have brought this in and everyone knew what it was’, so the implication I received from that is even your child could have brought this, we don’t know,” Islas continued.

Islas tells FOX40, she and Iris are close and feels certain her daughter, a student athlete at Folsom High School during the regular school year, would not have knowingly taken drugs.  

The only good part about this may be that it reinforces her decision not to do drugs.  Her opportunity or choice to put that in her body had been ripped away from her is disappointing to me. It’s a violation of her body, it’s a violation of her rights,” says Islas.

Fox 40 contacted the Rancho Cordova Folsom School District who issued the following statement which has now been posted to the Cordova High School’s website:

“Summer school families: Our students and families may have heard about an incident on campus today, and I wanted to take the opportunity to inform and update you regarding our investigation. Earlier today, a parent reported to administration that their student may have been sickened by food provided by another student. This food was suspected to have contained illegal drugs. We have no reports of any other students having been sickened, and we have notified law enforcement as we investigate. We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for our students, and drug possession or use will not be tolerated on our campus. Students found to have engaged in this conduct can face suspension or expulsion. We will provide our families any updates if they become available. Thank you for your partnership in ensuring the safety of our students. Sincerely, Principal Jonathan Johnson.”

Despite the statement from the school district, Islas says police told her at least one other student got sick from eating the snacks. She says she has also been asked to keep her daughter home from school Friday, but was not told if any other students alleged to be involved were kept home.


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