Hundreds of Boaters Take to the Water for ‘Rage on the River’

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SACRAMENTO -- Sunday afternoon, hundreds of boaters took to the American and Sacramento rivers as part of "Rage on the River," an event organized entirely on social media.

The event is known as a party flotilla that comes to the Sacramento and American Rivers, organized on Facebook for the past six years.

"We're going to go on rage on the river for a little bit... But I mean it's just everyone getting together and having a good time," said boater Jon Woodbridge, who was putting his boat into the Sacramento River on Sunday.

"It's going to be a tremendous day out today, if there's going to be that many people in the scenery, it's good to get out," said Cecil McCledon, whose boat also took part in the event.

While there are other activities involved, there's always been a lot of drinking.

"We have a [designated driver] of course, but other than that, we're all 21 and just enjoying you know, a little bit of drinks," said Austin Barker, who was on the American River on Sunday.

Last year a woman drowned during the event, but arrests were down from the previous year.

This year the party fleet seems to have shrunk, partly because the day before thousands already took to the American River in another social media event, "Rafting Gone Wild."

But just to be safe, another fleet of officers and paramedics from multiple agencies also shipped off to ensure the people operating these boats remain sober.

"For sure they got to crack down on that stuff, you know," said boater Jason Martinez.

Unlike Saturday's Rafting Gone Wild event, alcohol was permitted at Sunday's Rage on the River.

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