About 400 Homes Evacuated Due to Trailhead Fire

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FORESTHILL -- Around 400 homes were evacuated Tuesday due to the Trailhead Fire -- 200 of those homes were forced evacuations.

"The smoke is down below here, my home would be in that area, up that cliff," said Jarvis Valdez who lives in Todd Valley and said he was only given a few minutes to evacuate. "I'm trying to think, well God which vehicle do I take, and leave the other ones behind, but you can't take them all."

Knowing how fast wildfires can come in this area, Valdez already had his RV packed and ready to go.

"I put all my papers in the RV, I got the cat, put him in the house," Valdez said.

Dozens of others also decided to wait at Worton's Market in Foresthill, watching the smoke and aircraft from afar as hundreds of firefighters worked quickly to put out the blaze.

About 400 homes were evacuated, with about 200 of those mandatory evacuations, while the other 200 could legally stay in their homes.

Meanwhile the American Red Cross was also busy helping about a dozen evacuees at Foresthill High School, whose mascot ironically is the Wildfires.

"We are providing just a cooling area for them and water and snacks and letting them get in out of the heat. We've also got Auburn set up at the fairgrounds for large and small animals for them to take their animals," said Robin Brinson, shelter manager with the American Red Cross.

Meanwhile, before he left, Valdez said he made sure his neighbors got out OK first.

"I'm going to be the last one because my neighbors are all older folks, and my duty is going to be to get them out first and then I will leave," Valdez told FOX40.