Another Day of Sweltering Heat in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- To describe Sacramento Tuesday, most people only needed a three-letter word: hot.

It's how Rodriguez Sanchez felt while working on the asphalt in Tahoe Park.

"Drink lots of water," Sanchez said.

The conditions for roofing were so extreme Fred Gregory, owner of River City Roofing, sent his workers home before noon.

"It slows down income, especially for the guys, they need to make money every day so it is a burden," he said.

SMUD gave FOX40 infrared thermometers to show how shade can provide relief and help save energy.

"We have 87 degrees Fahrenheit, we go here its 123 degrees," said Mischa Sarkovich, SMUD program manager.

FOX40 tested various surfaces around town.

At 11:21 a.m. the asphalt was 138 degrees and a car was 95 degrees inside.

At noon a car dashboard hit 142 degrees.

For a day camp in Tahoe Park, the best relief from the heat was hopping in the water.

"It's hot so sometimes we're limited on shade," said Camp Counselor Cheryl Padlan.