Family, Police Looking for New Leads in Year-Old Homicide

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SACRAMENTO -- With prayer and signs of hope, a family looks to unravel a year old mystery -- the one that's kept Anthony Barajas' killer out of the hands of Lady Justice.

"No more goodbyes, just life together eternally with Jesus by our side."

Sandy Rose came to this vigil for her son, carrying with her 365 days of pain.

"A piece of him, we all died with him. And I'm mad. I'm mad that a human being can shoot and take someone's life and still be out there and not be responsible for their actions," said Barajas' mother, Sandy Rose.

Barajas was with his brother, making a quick run to this Sacramento Home Depot on Meadowview Road last summer, when bullets flew from a passing car -- killing him.

"It feels surreal. It's been a year already. It went so fast, um, but it kind of brings you back, all the memories, when you, when we got the call on that Sunday morning, and you just can't believe it. You're in shock," said Patricia Ramos, Barajas' aunt.

Right after Barajas died, the flow of tips into the police department did as well.

Little has changed as the case has grown 12-months cold.

"We're hoping to generate a little public interest in the case, in knowing  that there's a victim out there that's been shot and killed completely needlessly, and we're hoping to find some closure for the family," said Sacramento police Detective Brian Dedoner.

"He was 20-years-old. I don't want another mother or father or anybody to go through what we're going through," Rose said.

Investigators hope the anniversary vigil and the re-release of surveillance images of the shooter's car before Barajas was hit will help someone remember a crucial detail that this case has been sorely missing.

That car is believed to be a light gray 1997 to 2005 model Buick Century or a 1995 to 1997 Ford Crown Victoria.

"We're asking for help with any leads. It was 11 o'clock during the day that my son was murdered.  There was at least more than one person in the vehicle that was shooting. Somebody knows... somebody's heard something," said Rose.