Fireworks are Now On Sale, Inspectors are Going Booth to Booth

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ORANGEVALE -- Fireworks booths in Sacramento County are now allowed to sell fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday.

"We will be going to 178 booths over the next couple of days," Metro Fire Inspector Diana Schmidt said.

Inspectors are going stand to stand, making sure all fireworks are labeled 'Safe and Sane' and that the correct paperwork is filled out and posted.

Along with not selling illegal fireworks, smoking around the booths and selling to minors are the biggest no-no's.

In the Walmart parking lot on Hazel and Greenback in Orangevale, firework stand operator Jordan White knows the temptation of selling fireworks to a minor, but says giving the money he raises for his church and other non-profits its never going to happen.

"It would be nice to make a kids day, but with the amount of money we pull in every year, it's not going to happen," White said.

The majority of the 178 booths will open Tuesday with the rest opening on Wednesday.