Turkish Restaurant Owner in Rocklin Reacts to Terror Attack

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ROCKLIN -- As Turkey tries to recover from yet another terrorist blast, the situation is much more than just a far away tragedy for one local man.

Ertugrul Hazar grew up in Istanbul and has flown out of the targeted Ataturk Airport many times.

Now he runs Anatolian Table in Rocklin.

His wife and three daughters have been traveling in Turkey for three weeks.

They took off from Istanbul Monday but happened to leave from the airport on the Asian side of the country because it was offering better fares to the Mediterranean coast.

His 14-year-old didn't want to go on the trip at all -- worried about an incident just like this happening, but dad told her to focus on enjoying her life.

"If it's gonna happen it happens. No way for people to scare ... if you change your life for the terrorists then those people are gonna win it. Just carry on your own life. If it's gonna happen... happen...if not..same thing in Orlando, San... San [Bernardino]. You have to carry on same as usual," said Hazar.

Unfortunately, Hazar says he expected something like Tuesday's attack because of Turkey's armed skirmishes with the Kurds and the country's role in helping the U.S.-led coalition attack in Iraq and Syria by air from its territory.