Local Republicans React to FBI’s Decision Not to Press Charges on Clinton

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SACRAMENTO -- After months of controversy and intense criticism about maintenance of a private email server, we now know that Hillary Clinton will not be facing federal prosecution in the last few months of her presidential campaign.

Tuesday, FBI director James Comey announced the presumptive democratic presidential nominee will not face charges for keeping that private system while she was Secretary of State.

Despite clearing a legal hurdle, Comey called her actions quote "extremely careless."

That opened the finger-pointing floodgates for republicans across the country with the California GOP tweeting "Laughable.

1.Bill Clinton meets with A-G

2. HRC off the hook

3. Hits campaign trail with POTUS

Seriously ? Must be nice."

The president of the Sacramento Republican Assembly says this all shows Clinton is unfit to lead.

"So what we'll see is if people make a choice whether or not they think it's alright for somebody to be above the law and sit over top of them or if we have Donald Trump...who is going to try to enforce the law and bring things back to where the founding fathers intended us to be," said Jorge Riley.

While Hillary Clinton's use of a private email may have been the most extensive and risky of any one who's held her office, GOP heavyweight General Colin Powell also used personal email for work while he was Secretary of State.

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