Viewer Question: Problems With Car Overheating

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Paul is in the studio with John Hutchinson from Red Rocket Auto Tech discussing cars overheating, and how to solve the problem.

Viewer question: "My PT Cruiser is overheating. The radiator, thermostat, water pump, and all hoses have been replaced but it still runs hot. What could it be? - Jennifer"

John says there are three things that typically cause overheating; low coolant, a blockage in the system, and oil contaminating the coolant in the car.

The viewer who owned the PT Cruiser went in to Red Rocket Auto Tech for service, so John was able to determine exactly what was wrong with this specific vehicle.

There were air pockets in the cooling system. These air pockets prevent the cooling system from operating, and in turn the car gets too hot.

In this case, John recommends bleeding the entire system of air. That can be done by taking the cap off the radiator, and running the motor. Paul reminds viewers to never touch a radiator if it is still warm.

Red Rocket Auto Tech has two locations in Land Park and Folsom.

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