Sheriff’s Department Responds to Claims by Black Lives Matter Activists

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SACRAMENTO -- Accountability and transparency. It’s what Black Lives Matter activists are calling for.

They’ve been demanding more information from police after deputies shot and killed Adrienne Ludd in Carmichael last October.

Activists want to see police reports, autopsy reports and dashcam video.

“We don’t know what happened to Adrienne because Sheriff Scott Jones has chosen to keep all the information from the public,” said Donielle Prince with Black Lives Matter Sacramento.

Sacramento County Sheriff Department Spokesperson Tony Turnbull insists the department has been transparent; treating this case like any other.

“We put our heart and soul into these investigations and it doesn’t matter if the investigation has to do with one of our officers taking a life of another person or two separate people that we don’t know off the streets,” Turnbull said.

Deputies shot and killed Ludd after an attempted traffic stop in Carmichael turned into a pursuit.

Police say the 36-year-old pointed a gun at officers, his gun jammed and he had another loaded gun in his pocket.

“It wasn’t about race, it’s about the actions of Adrienne Ludd that day that caused that incident,” Turnbull said.

Under California law, the sheriff’s department is not required to release the information activists are demanding.

“It’s a privilege that we don’t have to release this type of information, this is an active investigative report,” Turnbull said.

Last December, County Inspector General Rick Braziel began an independent review of the case following requests by Sheriff Jones and Black Lives Matter activists.

The report is expected to be complete in less than two months.

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