Back the Badge: Rally Organized at the Capitol in Support of Officers

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SACRAMENTO -- Dozens of demonstrators rallied at the Capitol today in supports of local law enforcement, and those recently killed in Dallas.

Coincidentally, the weeks-long planned event fell on the same day where, again, more officers fell to gun violence in Baton Rouge.

"It's really hard for us as a law enforcement community to see those things happen," Sergeant Don Schumacher with the Sac Police bike unit told FOX40.

Jacob Shockley organized the Back the Badge rally at the Capitol Sunday. The goal is to stand with officers.

"I would have no problem jumping out and helping an officer if he needed it because they need to know that there's people out there that have their back," Shockley said.

Sunday's shooting in Louisiana came as a surprise to some who found out about the attack at the rally. It weighs heavily on this group of supporters still dealing with the loss of Dallas officers.

"We need support wherever we can get it our country is an awful place right now," said former military police officer Stefiana Barnes.

Recent criticism against police is why Shockley prepared for counter protestors, but none showed up. He said his hope is to encourage unity.

"Everybody matters I don't care white, black, Hispanic, Asian I don't care. You matter to me," Shockley said.

An increased number of officers were at the Capitol to patrol the rally. Because of recent tragedies including the shooting in Dallas, officers said they wanted to make sure this event was well staffed.

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