Food Delivery Worker Robbed, Business Rethinks Delivery Service

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STOCKTON -- It's a neighborhood that many consider dangerous after a food delivery man was robbed on Tuesday night on Santa Paula Way in Stockton.

"I don’t know it’s kind of weird. Why would they rob a Wing Zone employee for money when you can make money all types of ways?,” Antonio Wolfe, a Stockton man said.

According to the Stockton Police Department, two men threatened a Wing Zone employee with a gun and took off with the victim’s belongings. The suspects have been described as two Filipino men who wore dark clothing.

"There’s a criminal element in Stockton that’s willing to beat you or even kill you for $20 and a pizza,” Tony Mannor, a Stockton business owner explained.

Manner used to deliver pizzas 23 years ago. He said what delivery employees face now, he faced decades ago.

"I couldn’t feel safe going out to some of these neighborhoods unless I had a pocket knife or something on me I could defend myself with,” he FOX40.

That's why some businesses in Stockton said they avoid high crime areas. An employee told FOX40 that Dante's Pizza won't deliver to Kelly Drive.

"Kelly Drive is a bad neighborhood to be around,” Wolfe said.

And an employee with VIP pizza said, they also avoid dangerous neighborhoods like Blue Ridge Circle.

"If it’s not safe enough for a business to do business in that neighborhood, it’s definitely not safe enough to live there,” Mannor explained.

As for Wing Zone, the franchise Owner told FOX40 off-camera they won't stop their delivery service altogether but might restrict their late night deliveries to their existing customer base.

For the Stockton men we spoke with they said they empathize with the folks just trying to do their jobs.

"Shouldn’t deliver in bad neighborhoods because it’s like obviously you’re going to get robbed,” Wolfe exclaimed.

“There’s neighborhoods that I wouldn’t necessarily want to put my employees at risk,” Mannor said.

The franchise owner of Wing Zone says their drivers safety is a top priority.

Mannor hopes that families and the police department can come together and come up with a permanent solution to make these neighborhoods safe.