Lucky Lottery Retailer Sells Winning Ticket Again

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SACRAMENTO -- South Sacramento's Lang Cafe in Little Saigon backed up its designation as a Lucky Retailer by the California Lottery by selling a winning $10 scratcher ticket worth $750 thousand to a customer.

Last year the combination coffee shop, book and video store sold another winner worth the same amount.

While some don't believe in "lucky" locations, others believe that the magic of a winning ticket can rub off. That's why the California lists lucky retailers on its website and also maps their locations.

The page gets 4,000 hits a day.

"Some people take a look at the online (page) so they come in," said Tam Nguyen, owner of the Lang Cafe.

That's big because retailers don't get a cut of scratcher winnings unless they are over $1 million. They must rely on 4.5 percent to 6 percent sales commission for each ticket. They do get bonuses for selling certain winners.

Businesses get a half a percent of the prize of a standard winning lottery ticket.

To qualify, a retailer has to sell at least a $100 winning ticket, 4,000 winning tickets a week, or distribute $4,000 in winnings a week for the period of a year.