Former Los Rios Police Officer Arrested on 22 Felony Sexual Assault Charges

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Winchester, Noah

Noah Winchester (Courtesy: San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office)


In 2014, former Los Rios Police Officer Noah Winchester told the American River College Newspaper he would 'do anything to keep students safe."

On Thursday morning he was arrested near his Stockton home, on 22 felony sexual assault charges.

"It's kind of scary you never know who your neighbors are," said Winchester's neighbor in Stockton, Kwasi Moses.

Moses told FOX40 31-year-old Winchester moved onto his cul-de-sac a few months ago with his wife and kids.

He says the former officer gave him a strange vibe.

"There was just something different about him, there was a lot of traffic in and out of the house," Moses said.

Investigators say Winchester's alleged attacks happened in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

At least one was during his time as a campus police officer in Sacramento.

"He was on duty during the time and he was working for the Los Rios Community College Police," said Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Tony Turnbull.

Turnbull says Winchester's alleged victim came forward last year.

"The later part of 2015 is when we first received the report of something that happened in our jurisdiction which had allegedly occurred in 2013," said Turnbull.

Winchester was a Sacramento Police Officer starting in 2006.

The Department says he was released for an undisclosed reason in 2007.

He was hired onto the Los Rios Police force in 2009 and left for a job with San Mateo Police in January of last year.

Last October The San Mateo Police Department placed Winchester on leave and launched an investigation after a woman came forward claiming he assaulted her.

It's unknown how many victims there are in total.

"At this time, I can confirm that there are two potential assault victims in Sacramento County. There has been ongoing communication and coordination between the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office and San Mateo," said Sacramento County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi.

Winchester resigned from the San Mateo Police Department in February of this year.

San Mateo County is handling all of the incidents in one consolidated case.

Winchester, who is jailed on $3.1 million bail, is scheduled for an arraignment Monday. It's unclear if he's represented by an attorney.