Man Arrested for Embezzling Over $1 Million from Multiple Charity Organizations

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SACRAMENTO -- A man accused of embezzling more than a million dollars from multiple charitable organizations in Sacramento has been arrested.

Kevin Manz is facing felony charges of grand theft. According to investigators, Manz illegally took money from these organizations and used the money for personal use.

Usually when pastor Phil Konz moves to a new church his efforts to grow the congregations include expanding to a better building and helping hold congregations together.

When he first stepped into the sanctuary at Pioneer Church six years ago, he knew he wouldn’t trade the beautiful building for the world, his mission to bring his congregation together though would face a challenge he never saw coming.

“It seriously curtailed again what we were able to do for others,” said Konz.

Pastor Konz is a board member on one of several Cathedral Pioneer charities, one of which funds Pioneer Church. Two years ago he noticed suspicious checks written from the charity’s accounts signed by another board member -- Kevin Manz.

“He was quite active, and that’s kind of what hurt, how many people’s trust was betrayed with this,” said Konz.

Manz was arrested this morning for grand theft following a five month long investigation by the California Attorney General’s office. The 59-year- old was not just active in the faith based community, but also in the LGBT community previously working with the rainbow chamber of commerce and running an LGBT media group.

Manz is accused of taking over one million dollars from various Cathedral Pioneer Charities, leaving them unable to make their usual cash donations to organizations like River City Food Bank and WIND Youth services. They have also been unable to make upgrades to Pioneer House, their affordable senior housing facility.

However Konz fears that more is in jeopardy than their ability to give funds to those in need.

“We could afford to use the money more than we could afford to lose the trust,” said Konz.

As of Thursday night, Manz was in the Sacramento County jail held on $750,000 bail.