Proposal to Lift 15-Year Liquor Store Ban Doesn’t Pass

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OAK PARK -- After wrangling over the issue for three hours, Sacramento's Planning and Design Commission couldn't reach a decision on the prohibition against liquor stores in the Oak Park and Tahoe Park neighborhoods.

That means the ban against those stores will stay in place, at least until late September.

Folks who've lived in those neighborhoods for a couple decades or more can remember why the ban on opening liquor stores got put in place, in the first place.

"Ah yes. This corner used to have a bottle market on here. And it was bad news," said Kathy Adcock, a 40-year Oak Park Resident.

With crime, loitering and blight a major concern in the early 2000s, Adcock says the liquor store ban was the right move.

But now, a 7-11 planned for a location at Stockton and Broadway wants a license to sell beer and wine, and the City's Planning Commission is considering whether to make the rules there the same as everywhere else.

"To me that doesn't seem fair. I think that falls into the negative stigma that goes along with Oak Park. I've lived here a long time and I think they should drop the ban in Oak Park if there's not a ban in other areas," said Rachael Hoskins of Oak Park.

Not doubt, the area has been the subject of lots of scrutiny and people there tend to be a little defensive of their neighborhood's image. But they disagree how to best correct it.

"Gee Whiz. Come on. Really? They should keep the ban in place and leave it like it is," said John Marshall, another Oak Park resident. "...But everyday it's just some guy drinking a beer, rolling down the street."