RNC Day 3: Boos for Cruz, Cheers for Pence

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CLEVELAND -- There were intense protests outside Quicken Loans Arena, and protest of a different sort inside -- boos for Donald Trump's former presidential rival Ted Cruz.

It all came during the third day of the Republican National Convention, as Cruz failed to endorse the nominee looking on from a corner of the "Q."

When it comes to the jeers, Sharon Carter, a California delegate from San Diego, said, "He deserved it. He deserved it wholeheartedly. He was the one that pushed Trump to sign the paper to endorse whoever's nominated and now he isn't."

Texas delegate Steve Toth doesn't believe the boos were appropriate.

"No, no, I don't. I don't think there's a place for it," he said.

There was almost no place on the convention floor for delegate Toth to see the headliner of the evening -- GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence.

Fire code concerns about arena capacity shut down the access to the floor for at least 15 minutes -- denying delegates access to what was happening at their own convention and keeping some of the media from covering it.

"It's frustrating, but we gotta let the police do their job, right," said Toth.

He did make it back inside for the main event -- Indiana Gov. Pence making his vice presidential case to his party, selling them on the strength he and Trump have to take down the top Democrat in the race.

"This election comes down to two names on the ballot...so let's resolve here and now that Hillary Clinton will never become president of the United States of America," said Pence, inspiring a resounding round of applause.

California's delegation couldn't contain their enthusiasm leading  a chorus of, "We like Mike! We like Mike!"

Aside from bashing Clinton's handling of Benghazi, Pence also stressed how a team with Donald at the top of the ticket could shape the country for 40 years instead of just four, all because of potential Supreme Court appointments

Dr. Vanila Singh, a delegate from Fremont, was very impressed with what she heard from Trump's veep pick.

"Oh my God, I thought he spoke so well ... and with conviction," she said.

"He knows what he believes and he stands by it. It was great," said Yuba City Delegate Sarb Takhar.

With great reviews for his No. 2. Trump will close out his convention Thursday in Cleveland.