Slain Officer’s Wife Encouraging People to `Adopt a Cop`

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VALLEJO -- On the heels of a shooting that killed five Dallas police officers, three more officers were now dead, this time in Louisiana, gunned down in a calculated ambush.

"[I] saw the news about what happened in Baton Rouge and I was literally sick about it," said Jennifer Capoot, widow of Vallejo Police Officer Jim Capoot.

"I was sad because I don't want my grandson to grow up in a crappy world. and I don't want people to not like the policemen cause I think they're doing a great job."

So Jennifer shared what was in her heart, on Facebook.

"A black man killed my husband. But I don't hate all black people. I hate that black person, But not everybody like that," she said.

Five years ago ... her husband was shot and killed by a robbery suspect.

"I feel like its the policeman against black people and I don't think that's a true statement, a true evaluation of what everybody's doing."

So to help bridge the gap between the public and police Capoot is asking people to adopt a random police officer.

"I want people in the communities that they live in, to reach out and be kind to the police officers. And I want the police officers to reach out and be kind back," she said.

She hopes real change will come from the small but meaningful gestures.

"Offer a water bottle on a hot day if you see him in your neighborhood. Wave to them. And if they don't wave back, then just keep waving. Maybe they're busy, maybe they didn't see you."

So how would Officer Capoot react to what has evolved in the world of police work?

His wife says he'd likely have this advice to the kids he used to coach in basketball:

"You know how good a lot, most of the policeman are. Maybe you can't trust every single one of them. But you can trust most of them. And He would say we're not gonna get sucked into this big, you know..."