Tevis Cup Route Running Through Trailhead Burn Area

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AUBURN -- The Tevis Cup is coming to the region Saturday. 170 are signed up for the endurance event, but the ride through Foresthill wasn't an easy part to plan. The Trailhead Fire threatened a three mile stretch of the historic 100-mile route from Truckee to Auburn.

"Made us very nervous for about three weeks because it starts right at the river and our trail is right along the river on the Placer County side," said Chuck Stalley, Tevis Cup Ride Director.

Organizers were worried about what the fire could do to the trail so they came up with an alternate route just in case that would have gone up and around the fire area, but a different route means confusion for horses that trained on the trail.

"He knows where he's expected to go so if he's going in the wrong direction it's dark by then I have to trust my horse and he's going to want to go down the trail he knows," said rider Sandy Holder.

The fire got close but not close enough to destroy the trail. The Tevis Cup will go on as planned. That's good news for organizers who are expecting riders from across the world at the 61st annual event.

"We have 20 foreign riders coming, we have vets coming that have taken time off to work the ride failure was not an option," said Stalley.

Hazardous trees were removed from the trail and dozer and fire lines were cleaned up. Now the route is ready for Saturday's ride.