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Family Fears for Autistic Man’s Safety Following Shooting

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MIAMI (AP) — The autistic man who was the intended target of a police bullet is suffering from emotional distress, not eating and traumatized following the shooting of his caretaker.

Multiple media outlets reported Saturday that Arnaldo Rios’ mother, Gladys Soto, said during a Saturday news conference that she is worried about the safety of her son.

Family attorney Matthew Dietz says the 27-year-old has been in distress since the shooting of Charles Kinsey on Monday and criticized the lack of police training when handling someone with mental illness.

The officer’s union has said that Officer Jonathan Aledda thought Rios was about to shoot Kinsey, who was trying to coax Rios back to a nearby group home. The officer fired three shots at Rios but missed and accidentally struck Kinsey in the leg.