Local Sanders Supporters React to Leaked DNC Emails Scandal

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California’s Democrats are speaking out after leaked emails show the leadership of the National Democratic Party were brainstorming ways to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign during the primary season.

So are Californian supporters of the Vermont Senator still feeling the Bern, or just plain feeling burned by the emailing-swapping cabal at the center of the party's national leadership?

"I've read some of them. They're ridiculous. It sounds like a lot of 12-year-old girls chatting. It's a little unprofessional,” said David Phau, who volunteered for the Sanders campaign in Sacramento.

Phau says he believed all along the deck was stacked against his candidate, but they still accomplished a lot.

"Regardless of what happened in California, of what happened in the past in the battle for the primary, we did get a lot of progressive ideals in the Democratic platform," he said.

And besides, Democrats say they now have a unifying figure, and it’s no necessarily Hillary Clinton.

Frank Goodie is a Sacramentan who’s been pulling for Clinton all along. He’s got a Clinton sign in the yard, but hanging from his front door, is a plush Donald Trump doll stuck full of needles.

Even this die-hard fan of Clinton says he's glad to see Democratic National Party Chair Debbie Wassermann Schultz leaving in the wake of the email scandal.

"I think in 2 or 3 days it will be history and we won't be talking about it. Because there going to be big things to talk about in the next 4 days at the convention," Goodie said.

And that starts with Sanders himself, taking the podium tomorrow, on night one of the Democratic National Convention.

Of California’s delegates, Clinton took 254 to Sanders’ 221, 52 to 48 percent. Of California’s 76 super delegates, all but nine, or 89 percent, have endorsed Hilary Clinton.

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