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Locals Try to Beat the Triple-Digit Heat with Swimming Pools, Ice Cream

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SACRAMENTO -- The heat wave continues with triple-digit temperatures across the Sacramento region.

Whether you're outside swimming or inside hiding in air conditioning, everyone is on the same page.

"Oh my God, it's 100 degrees, we're trying to cool off," said Terri Johnson who was beating the heat at the Fruitridge Aquatic Center.

If you're not diving into a pool diving into a cup of your favorite ice cream is the next best thing. The Parlor sees an uptick in customers during streaks of hot weather.

"It's been super super busy, a lot of families, we have lines out the door," said employee Megan Ratcliff.

Pools and ice cream shops aren't the only relief from the heat. Multiple days of triple-digit temperatures in a row call for cooling centers.

The Downtown Roseville Library will stay open for the next two days until 9 p.m. For the city's homeless it's much needed.

"When you really can't get away from the heat, it's devastating," said Roy Turner who was taking advantage of the Roseville cooling center.

It's most devastating for children and the elderly, according to the Sacramento Fire Department. They're first to be affected by heat related illnesses. Fire officials said staying hydrated and filling up on electrolytes can protect the most vulnerable, but even if you're inside on hot days you can be at risk.

"If you have a relative or a friend that you know maybe he lives in an apartment without an air conditioner or is in a situation where they may not be able to cool off, make sure you're checking on them," said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.