Controversial Sacramento Pastor Prepared for Protests at Preaching Conference, Says LGBT Not Allowed

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NATOMAS -- More than a month after his service praising the Orlando massacre at a gay nightclub sparked outrage, Pastor Roger Jimenez continues to unapologetically stand by his beliefs.

"I'm definitely not apologizing for anything that I said, because I don't think anything that I said was wrong. What I said was the truth," Jimenez said.

The leader of Verity Baptist Church insists he was simply preaching the bible.

That's exactly what he and three other like-minded pastors will do at the Red Hot Preaching conference starting Thursday night.

"I think he's a great man of God, studies the word, is well trained and, yes, support him 100 percent," said one churchgoer.

Hundreds who stand by Jimenez and his beliefs will pack the church all weekend.

"People feel very strongly about needing to take a stand," said Beverly Kearney.

But there may be just as many people outside with a much different message during peaceful protests led by the LGBT community.

Beverly Kearney is the founded of the Love is Love Movement.

"People aren't going to live in fear, people are going to fight back, they're going to say 'we're here and we're not going anywhere, and we're going to combat your hate with love because that's who we are and what we're about,'" Kearney said.

Jimenez tells FOX40 the protesters can speak freely, as long as the LGBT community stays outside of his place of worship.

"They are not allowed to come here. We do not allow homosexuals, transgender or anything like that ... pedophiles to be a part of our congregation," Jimenez said.

The Red Hot Preaching Conference has events planned Thursday night through Sunday.

Protests are planned during each event.

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