Family of 6-Year-Old Shot in South Sacramento Speaks Out

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Six-year-old Ieena is working on recovery in her hospital bed. She had a bullet rip a hole the size of a 50-cent piece in her right arm. And that was the less serious of her injuries. She's got her third of at least four surgeries scheduled for Monday, after doctors removed another bullet. That one was embedded in her left shoulder.

"She asked me why somebody wants to hurt her. And why does she have to suffer and be in the pain that she's in? She can't color. She can't move her fingers," said her aunt Priscilla Garcia.

FOX40 is not using Ieena’s last name, out of an abundance of caution for her safety.

21-year old Adrieona Taylor of Sacramento, found at a relative's home in Oroville, has been arrested in connection to the drive-by shooting that hospitalized Ieena.

Sacramento County sheriff's deputies say Ieena was riding in her mother's car when she was shot, and that her mother knew Taylor -- that there was bad blood between the two women.

"Detectives have been working nonstop on this,” said Sgt. Tony Turnbull with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Turnbull says despite all the work and an arrest, there is more work to do. Investigators are still looking for the driver in this drive-by shooting.

“It's not totally cleared up yet. The investigators received information that the suspect was the passenger in the car at the time of the shooting," Turnbull said.

Garcia is less concerned with who was driving the shooter’s car than she is with where the shooter was aiming.

"The bullet holes were all in the back. They are in the back door. Every bullet hit in her door. There weren’t any anywhere else around the vehicle," Garcia said.

Garcia insists her niece wasn't just collateral damage, but rather that she was Taylor's target. And Garcia wants Taylor to be charged with attempted murder, not the lesser count of assault with a deadly weapon.

“Once the case is handed over to the DA's office, they may file extra charges. They may look at possibly doing an attempted murder charge,” Turnbull said. “There's other enhancements they may look at."

Meanwhile, doctors will need to remove a strip of skin from Ieena's thigh to patch the holes in her arms.

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