Police Standoff Ends, Suspect Found in Neighboring Yard

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SACRAMENTO -- A man was arrested Tuesday morning, after barricading himself in a home, and evading police for more than eight hours in a home located near Altos and South Avenue.

Police say the incident began Monday night around 9:00 p.m. when two men got into an altercation ending in a shooting a few miles south near the 400 Block of Leitch Avenue.

One man was wounded. The suspect fled the area.

A few tips led detectives to the suspect's family's home on Altos Avenue.
Officers set up a perimeter and evacuated neighbors and his family members.
SWAT and hostage negotiators tried to speak to the suspect. But they were unable to make contact.
At around 4 a.m. Tuesday, police deployed tear gas into the home, hoping to lure the man outside of the home.
"Its generally not a comfortable situation to be in, so it would theoretically push someone out of the home," Officer Matthew McPhail of the Sacramento Police Department said.
However, at 6:45 a.m., Sacramento Police called off the search, after the sweep turned up empty.
As they were cleaning up the perimeter, a Police K9 suddenly began to bark. Moments later, they found the suspect hiding in a neighbor's back yard.
FOX40 spoke to the suspect's mother, who was upset the police teargassed her home.
She said her son has been in and out of jail, but has no idea what trouble he was in now.
The man the suspect allegedly shot on Monday night is expected to survive.

Timeline of Events

Monday 9 p.m. --  On 400 block of Leitch Avenue, two men get in a fight, one man shoots and runs. Victim survives gunshot wounds.

Monday 10 p.m. -- Sac PD gets a tip that the suspect is hiding in his family's home on Altos Avenue (Just a few blocks away from the shooting).

Tuesday 4 a.m. -- Sac PD's SWAT deploys tear gas.

Tuesday 6 a.m. -- Police K9 starts to roam around the scene. 

Tuesday 6:45 a.m. -- Police call off search after not finding the suspect inside the home.

Tuesday 7 a.m. -- Heavy dog barking is heard on the scene; man is seen on live TV getting detained and put into the squad car. The suspect was hiding in a neighbors yard.

Tuesday 8 a.m.  -- Talked to a woman who says she's the mother of the suspect. She says the suspect in question has been in trouble before.Neighbor says he busted his mailbox before. Suspect's name may be Casey according to woman who identified herself as the suspect's Godmother.  

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