Woman Accused of Shooting 6-Year-Old Girl in South Sacramento Appears in Court

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SACRAMENTO -- When Sacramento County sheriff's deputies tracked 21-year-old Adreiona Taylor to a home in Oroville, she was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon in the car-to-car shooting that left 6-year-old Ieena with three bullet wounds. On the day Taylor was arrested, the little girl's family told FOX40 the charges weren't severe enough.

"I just know it's not fair to a child. I didn't know what to even think,” said Priscilla Garcia, Ieena’s aunt.

But in her first court appearance Tuesday, Taylor heard much different charges read against her. She’s now facing two counts of attempted murder and one count of firing a weapon in a car.

"My niece could have lost her life that day. And that woman who had that gun in her hand and shot at my niece should be tried for attempted murder,” Garcia said.

The car-to-car shooting happened right outside FOX40’s studios. We supplied surveillance video to the sheriff’s department, in hopes that it would help them find the shooter. Investigators say the white car in the video is the one Taylor is shooting from. But there's more: deputies don't believe Taylor was driving.

So take a look for yourself. If you know who might have been behind the wheel of that white car, driving Adreiona Taylor around Fruitridge Road on Saturday, July 30, detectives are asking that you give the sheriff's department a call.

Meanwhile, 6-year-old Ieena is making her way through a series of four surgeries to remove a bullet from one shoulder, to patch up holes and repair shattered bones in her other arm. Doctors are trying to get feeling back into her fingers. She is expected to survive, but at this point, her family worries some of the damage may be permanent.