Blood Donations Help Save Toddler’s Life

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Nowadays there's a lot of laughter in the home of the Knobloch family. But a year ago, the family's sense of joy was not so certain.

"Having a child that is sick, you feel like you're in the twilight zone. You just feel like this is a dream, you can't even believe what's going on,"said Fairfield resident Kristina Knobloch.

Her 2-year-old daughter Cameron was diagnosed with a rare form of JXG at just 9 months old. The disease compromised her immune system. For Kristina, the diagnosis was a waking nightmare.

"Not knowing at first if this disease was going to be something that was fatal or not was horrifying," Kristina said.

Cameron's path to a cure involved 16 rounds of chemotherapy, and more than 30 blood transfusions.
The blood transfusions helped the toddler recover from the chemotherapy, so she could fight the disease.

"And to see her get the blood was very hard for me," Kristina said. "I sat there and cried. It was terrible. But watching her body recover from the blood was amazing."

One month ago, Cameron was given the all-clear by her doctor and can now live her life like a normal toddler.

Kristina credits those blood transfusions with saving her daughter's life.

And, she adds, it's those people who donated their own blood who allowed her baby girl to thrive.

"If you're healthy, and you can do this, please do. Because it makes a tremendous difference in little lives that you may not even know about," she said.

A little life which, thanks to blood donations, now has a big, bright future.

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