Salute to Service: Paul Pecchenino & Frank Reed

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Each week FOX40 highlights people in our area who try to make their community a better place.

Today the focus is on two men in Stockton who dedicate their lives to fixing just about anything. Long-time friends Paul Pecchenino and Frank Reed spend their free time at fixing everything from walkers to lamps at O'Connor Woods senior living facility.

The due does not accept payment and if customers insist they ask that they donate to the resident assistance fund -- They say the happiness of their customers is enough payment for them.

Now the pair are looking to expand the "Fix-It" Shop because they need more space and more tools to continue mending things for the residents at O'Connor Woods.

Construction is in the planning stage with the cost estimated between $75 to $100 thousand dollars.

The residents aim to raise the money themselves.

You can help make the new "Fix-It" Shop at O'Connor Woods a reality by mailing check donations to their address at 3400 Wagner Heights Road in Stockton.

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